Virginia Tech Hokies iPhone 3G/3S Die-Cut Silicone Case – Maroon

Finding apps for your iPhone to suit your need is quite easy nowadays. You can keep yourself entertained for hours by flinging a mad bird into makeshift shelters built by green pigs. Keeping up with your friends is made simple with social media apps and you can even fly remote-controlled helicopters with the smartphone. Reading up on your Hokies can be done easily too but for a device that is supposed to be smart it does not have the ability to show off your VaTech pride in any other way. That is why there is this Die-Cut Silicone case. This case will not only protect your precious valuable which is important because there is no app that puts a bubble around your case when you drop it but it will also boast your love for the Hokies with its team logo on the case. You like not having a cracked screen and love your Hokies so this Virginia Tech iPhone case is the perfect match for you.




$ 19.99